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How it works

Both educators and students will agree that time is well spent when you can strictly focus on the learning materials you are trying to master. With the help of technology, education has also been advancing to try and meet the growing needs of more individualized and long distance learning.

When possible, it’s a great advantage to also be able to practice what you have learned in a realistic environment setting. Throw in a tutor or monitor who can supervise you while providing insights as you are practicing and you can be off to the races.

SimTry for IT training simulate the hardware, operating systems, and networking components that IT students need to master. In a simulated environment, students practice the exact tasks they would need to master various operating systems such as Linux and Windows as well as various modern programming stacks, mobile development stacks, networking emulators and hardware gear among many others solutions.

SimTry gives you an exceptional advantage!! There is no longer a need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive hardware and long hours loading software and testing machines to support your hands-on training needs. You get 24/7 access to hands-on live training where students and trainee take control of actual hardware and software in real time with the assistance of our “Intelligent Advisor Technology” helping students throughout their learning path.